Echo Of Souls
By: A. Shockey

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Echo Of Souls

Ronni Parker doesn't believe in ghosts, but then, she's never
met her mother...

She's out of her element and over her head, and showing up to
claim her inheritance just might get her killed. The river folk
don't take too kindly to strangers.

Meet Netta Jackson, the best storyteller on the river and
keeper of secrets. She never forgets a face. Not even a dead

And Jack, a rafter of the river. He knows more that he is
willing to tell about the mother and teenaged daughter who
once resided in the cabin high on the eastern ridge.

What became of her... the young girl raped then driven mad by
the loss of her baby? A tender, tormented soul locked away in
a tiny room of the secluded cabin... did she commit suicide?

It is the time of reckoning. Because the biggest lie ever told is
that the dead bury their secrets.
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