Dream Catcher
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Heart to Heart

A single candle lights the room
where on the bed we lay,
Having loved we're side by side,
no words get in the way.
The nighttime sings a gentle song
and I watch you fall asleep,
I listen to your heartbeat,
And the rhythm that it keeps.
Softly do I kiss your lips
and gently do I touch you,
In your ear I whisper,
that I will always love you.
Though you're sleeping soundly,
and do not hear this part,
I know you will remember,
for I've spoken to your heart.

A. Shockey
The Progress of A Smile

Never underestimate…
That curling up of the lips,
... Whose style is never twice repeated.

That little spark of light…
That radiates from the eyes,
... It should be heeded.

Behind the glimmer…
The character of heart,
... The power behind the style.

Consider the spark…
A glimpse of promise,
... In the progress of a smile.

A. Shockey
With This Rose

It came to pass, a wayward Seaman ventured to a distant
land, Where a castle rose to stand a King on a mountain of
rock and blackened sand.

The Seaman dared to venture in through darkened doors as
yet unsure, While in his ears the roaring vent of crashing
waves against the moor.

He carried with him nothing to the dungeon netted far below,
No lamp to light his guarded steps yea nothing but his
troubled soul.

Deep within the dungeon bowel he came to stand before a
tomb, Where on its stone a single rose lay freshly but from
nature’s womb.

Three score ten and thirty days he came to net the thorny
flower, Left for him a sign bestowed as times before this self
same hour.

Woe to change the Queen remained whose face withheld he
had not seen, But loved her he none more the less for what
had never been.

A. Shockey
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